Teka’s commitment to implement continuous improvement in terms of quality standard required in global market, has lead Teka to adopt quality management system according to ISO 2001-9000.
Teka has been certified by UKAS since 19th of July 2007.

The requirement from European countries for CE labeling has been positively responded by Teka. Since early 2008, all of Teka Products exported to Europe have been labeled with CE mark.

The issue of Green labeling, has lead Teka to obtain FSC certificates and now Teka is also processing the other certification for European countries with PEFC certificate.

Teka has also responded the requirement from Japan market to meet F4 star standard in Formaldehyde emission. The certificate was issued by Mutu Agung Lestari in 2003 stipulating that Teka products, which are produced for Japan market, meet F4 star standard requirements.

Now it is coming up the requirement of low formaldehyde regulated under CARB for USA market.
Teka is under process of CARB certification from Mutu Agung Lestari, which is expected to be ready in April 2009.

Teka has also concerned about energy consumption saving, by promoting the Real Wood products with “Real Wood” logo, as production of Real Wood products consumes less energy than any other construction material.

Some certificates shown below are the evidence of Teka’s commitment to produce the best product to meet customer satisfaction.

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