PT. Tanjung Kreasi Parquet Industry is a wooden floor manufacturer established in 1994 in Indonesia, and a member of DSN group, a public company listed in 2012. The company is specializing in production of Engineered...


To become a reliable timber companies in the competitive global trade, PT. TANJUNG KREASI PARQUET INDUSTRY, stated our quality policy

  • Continue to produce quality products
  • ...


Untuk menjadi perusahaan kayu yang handal dalam persaingan perdagangan global PT. TANJUNG KREASI PARQUET INDUSTRY, menyatakan Kebijakan Mutu

  • Terus menerus menghasilkan produk...

  • TEKA Parquet invites you to visit our booth in Indobuildtech Exhibition May, 17 - 20 2017 in ICE BSD.
    Feel the natural TEKA Parquet premium products ranges and get special offering during the exhibition.
  • Architecture & Interior designer exclusive Gathering (6 person) for 2 days at our Teka factory in temanggung on February 29, 2016, discussed & shared about wood flooring process technology and forecasting trend for 2016/2017.
  • Teka Parquet, we will available at Megabuild Indonesia Exhibition on March 17 - 20 2016, We have special promo for visitor , you can up grade your room by wood flooring with affordable & compact budget.
  • Mega Build & Teka, we have joint promo - give cash back 50% directly - up to Rp.15 million for 25m2 Wood Flooring & 5 solid door wood.
  • Housing Brand Fair Int'l Construction Materials Exhibition January 14-17, 2016, Seoul, Korea (South) Coex, World Trade Center
  • SURFACES Las Vegas, on January 20st - 22rd ,2016 Booth : 2761

Prefered Products

Quality Test Certificates & Normes

A Careful Production with materials from well-known suppliers guarantees that TEKA parquet is robust yet friendly to the environment. It is in fact a flooring that will last for a long time.

Some certificates shown above are the evidence of TEKA commitment to produce
the best product to meet customer satisfaction.